From the simplest project to the coordination of entire film crewsfor commercial shoots, we work with you to get the underwater shots you need
Ocean-Eye underwater camera crew and videography services

Ocean Eye specialises in providing high quality underwater video imaging for all broadcast needs. Although we are based in Tenerife in the Canary Islands, our underwater cameraman and the support team have worked on numerous broadcast projects world wide, as well as on our own underwater series featuring Malta and Turkey. We use state of the art equipment - underwater communications are standard on our sets, as well as video assist for surface bound directors. Our aim is to make the underwater production process as simple and as safe as possible
Our camera crew team members include a PADI Master Diving Instructor / BSAC advanced instructor, qualified to train and certify actors and presenters working in front of the camera.

She is also a specialty instructor in thirteen disciplines including Underwater Videographer, Wreck, Deep and Night diving. Our cameramen hold a commercial boat licence and there is also a fully qualified First-Aider and Diver Medic on the team. We have experience shooting on DV-Cam "Light and Motion" system, complete with HMI lighting and surface video assist. When working underwater, the team work with "full-face masks" that incorporate a 2-way "radio" communication system, enabling all the divers to communicate with each other as well to the surface/director. This system has been uniquely developed to allow one or more presenters or contributers to converse underwater and to give almost perfect results of recorded live sound.

As well as providing services to broadcast professionals Ocean-Eye also film and produce their own series of underwater action and guide films shot in Malta, Turkey and Tenerife, available as DVD s or by special request VHS video.
Part of the Dragonfire Communications SL group of Companies, Tenerife, Spain. Fiscal reference Cif B-.38577102 &


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